Éric Méchoulan (ed.): Transmission. Montréal: Université de Montréal, 2005.

ISBN: 2-923144-04-X

“Transmission” – the fifth issue of the Journal Intermedialities.

What would be worth a truth that is not transmitted? What would an author do without proper apparatuses to transmit his work? It seems impossible to neglect the moment of transmission, yet very often, it disappears under the contents and objects it transports. Transmission presupposes material elements (techniques, mediums, etc.) but also institutions of knowledge (types of coding, legitimating authorities, customs, rituals, etc.)

This issue is devoted to these multiple relations, from the displacements of orality to writing in Greece, to Régis Debray’s binary couple “communication-transmission,” from a cultural history of the forms of knowledge transmission in Early Modern Europe, to more recent problematisations of these issues in cinema, video, orchestral direction or art installations. This issue contains articles by Anne Bénichou, Renée Bourassa, Vincent Bouchard, Déborah Blocker, André Habib, Laura U. Marks, éric Méchoulan, Marie-Hélène Mello, Walter Moser, Sarah Rocheville, Valeria Wagner. The guest artist is the French painter élisabeth Walcker.

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