“The Manifesto: Mapping the International Avant-Garde” at the ACLA

Date: March 26 – 29, 2009
Venue: Harvard University

The Manifesto: Mapping the International Avant-Garde

This seminar will explore the way in which manifestos, declarative essays, prefaces, and other liminal or ephemeral texts position modernist and avant-garde artists and writers within an international marketplace of ideas. How does the avant-garde manifesto provoke, challenge, and capitalize on the work of its peers and predecessors? How do these artists and writers identify themselves politically, nationally, and aesthetically? In particular the seminar will explore movements that incorporate or respond to other avant-gardes such as Latin American modernismo, Brazilian antropofogia, Vorticism as a response to Italian Futurism, and the relationship of the neo to the historical avant-garde. Through the seminar we will map the international, interdisciplinary, and inter-linguistic zones of contact and influence embedded in these texts.

This year’s ACLA conference is going to be held at Harvard from March 26-29, 2009. Submit at the following link and select the Manifesto seminar in the scroll-down menu: http://www.acla.org/submit/

See for submissions details, registration, and all further information: http://www.acla.org/submit/
[Please note: this is an archival entry; conference website may be discontinued.]