The Legacy of Antiquity: Perceptions of the Classics throughout History

Date: April 0, 2006
Venue: St. Andrews, Scotland, UK

The classical world of the ancient Greeks and Romans continues to exert a strong influence on us. The proposed conference aims to explore how antiquity was perceived from the Middle Ages through the contemporary period. Papers can relate to the uses of antiquity in literature, art or history, the survival or revival of antiquity during the Middle Ages, the Renaissance or the early modern period, or the transmission of literary or artistic models. Possible areas of exploration are the so-called ‘Renovatio Litterarum’, the history of the transmission of classical texts, the interpretation of mythology and the metamorphoses of the gods and heroes, the examination of archaeological sites and their influence on the later world that discovered them, the role and influence of the artist in the rediscovery and dissemination of material remains of ancient world.
If you would like to offer a 25-minute paper, then please send a sufficiently detailed outline (no more than an A4 page) to Lenia Kouneni at the address below.

The papers will be published in the 2006 issue of Inferno, the Postgraduate Journal of the School of Art History, University of St Andrews.

Lenia Kouneni
9 The Scores
School of Art History
St Andrews KY16 9AR
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