Date: February 16 – 18, 2006
Venue: Tampa, FL, USA

Papers are invited on THE BOOK. From l’histoire du livre to un objet d’art, this conference will examine current research on eighteenth-century books. What role does the book play in the development of civilized culture, in the enlightenment, in revolution? What do specific books mean within this historical context? How has print technology affected the meaning of the book? Is the scholarly community’s renewed interest in bibliography and print culture a sign of the changing value of the book in society today? The book serves as a site for the cross-section of many topical interests, obviously including physical bibliography and print history, print culture, scholarly editing, book collecting, library and museum history, and reading and reception. We are also interested in the wider implications of the topic, including influential books, anomalous books, illustrations and book-making, adaptations from books, technology and the future of the book, alternatives to the book, literacy, literary studies, education through books, books as inheritance, censorship, the cultural power of books, codification of law as book, and the various ways in which these histories overlap. We want to represent a broad range of scholarship and to stimulate conversation on the figurative and literal, historical and aesthetic, practical and philosophical matters of the book.

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