Symposium ‘Teaching Word & Image’, Utrecht 2004

Teaching Word & Image, Utrecht 25-27 June 2004

Approximately forty participants from institutions in Europe and North America attended sessions and workshops devoted to courses and curricula, topics and didactic areas, and multimedia and tools. Presentations were given on sample course offerings, from full-scale degree programmes, to specific courses, to international collaborations; there were also demonstrations of a number of technological aids and programmes. At a final session, participants discussed possibilities for the concrete implementation of proposals, notably via the Association’s web-site, to enhance the teaching of word & image.

The importance of the web-site, overseen by Eric Vos, as a major source for information on the teaching of word & image was emphasised. In future, the web-site will become an interactive tool for communication for our members. The web-site could contain resources for teaching such as fundamental texts on the relation of word & image, a bibliography of important and new works, or sample courses and syllabi. Technical and legal restrictions make providing images or an image gallery impracticable, however. It was suggested by several participants that communication among members should be given space through the website. Jan Baetens expressed his interest in initiating a project through IAWIS to translate important theoretical texts (on photography, among other areas) into English: an initial discussion about this can take place via the web-site.

A summer workshop or seminar on Word & Image was suggested, and the Board agreed to explore the possibilities for holding one, perhaps in conjunction with a relevant institution.

Peter de Voogd was thanked for his excellent organisation of the event. It was generally agreed that the next meeting should be devoted to working out a model syllabus of an introductory course on Word & Image studies.

(Michèle Hannoosh)

Programme IAWIS Teaching Word & Image, Utrecht 25-27 June 2004
The International Association of Word and Image Studies


Friday 25 June: ‘Diepenbrockzaal’, Drift 21, rm 1.05

2 p.m. Welcome by Peter de Voogd
2.15 p.m. Opening statements by Claus Clüver and Lauren Weingarden
3 p.m. Tea/Coffee
3.30-5 p.m. Preliminary discussions, moderated by Claus Clüver
5 – 8 p.m. Drinks and Buffet

Saturday 26 June: ‘Diepenbrockzaal’, Drift 21, rm 1.05

10 a.m.-noon Workshop “Courses” (with short coffee break) on the place of W&I studies in the curriculum; moderated by Véronique Plesch
12 a.m.-1 p.m. Lunch
1-3 p.m. Workshop “Didactic Areas” on the topics and subjects we teach, and the objectives; moderated by Peter de Voogd
3-3.30 p.m. Tea/Coffee
3.30-5 p.m. Workshop “Multimedia & Tools” on the means and the desiderata; moderated by Martin Heusser

Sunday 27 June: ‘Diepenbrockzaal’, Drift 21, rm 1.05

10 a.m.-noon Reports from Saturday’s moderators summarizing the workshops, followed by discussion and concrete implementations; moderated by Eric Vos
12 a.m.-1 p.m. Lunch
1-2 p.m. Closing statements

We gratefully ackowledge the substantial help of the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands Graduate School for Literary Studies (OSL), the Research Institute for History and Culture (OGC), and, of course, IAWIS itself.