Seeing Perception: Images & Texts

Date: November 24 – 26, 2006
Venue: Leipzig, Germany

Over the past two decades, matters of seeing and visual perception have garnered increasing critical attention. With good reason, the visual has come to feature in several different disciplines as well as in inter- or
transdisciplinary perspectives (such as “visual studies” or “visual culture”): vision can be, and has been, conceptualised as a philosophical category, as cultural medium of expression, as instrument and technology of visualization as well as a means of communication.
The conference attempts an overview over the main historical lines of methodological research on vision and perception, and on the multiple “practices of looking”, as well as proposing new directions of research which are in continuation of, but distinct from, those approaches offered by the visual studies/visual culture paradigm. Not the image as visible object, but the visual perception framing and surrounding it with its restless motion and performance constitutes the focal point of this conference. Visual perception as we conceive of it need not be limited to the realm of optics and to optical media; it also determines processes of reading and constructions of time and space, as well as bodily experience and processes of cognition. Thus, we are interested in papers focussing on questions of theory and method. Participants are invited from: visual studies; art history; film studies; media and communication; theory of photography; literature; semiotics; narratology; philosophy.
Contact Dr. Silke Horstkotte, for full description and submission information.