Romantic Intermediality – International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA) conference session

Date: August 15 – 21, 2010
Venue: Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea

In this session we discover the various forms of artistic intermediality in the works of Romantic artists. Apart from literature it is possible to present papers about other forms of Romantic art – visual arts, music – as long as they have some connection to literature. The aim of this session is to find out more about the nature of artistic intermediality in the Romantic era. It is particularly relevant to reflect upon the following question: is the artistic intermediality to be understood merely as a thematic topic or does there occur some more profound change while another form of art is incorporated into the work of art. This question reflects the change which has taken place in the recent theoretical discussion about the intermedial relations between the arts. In contrast to earlier understanding of intermediality, which considered intermedial relations as that of translation (in which one form of arts is simply translated to the other), more recent critics have suggested that there happens a significant change in such relation. For example Irina Rajewsky has emphasized that while another form of art is elaborated to the work of art there occurs a change which contributes to the expansion of artistic effect in that work of art. The receiving work of art becomes so to speak enriched by awareness about the other genre. In case of literary works this awareness may influence e.g. the style and language of that work.
The question of intermediality will contribute to the re-consideration of entire Romantic era. Does the enthusiastic interest in artistic intermediality during the Romantic era reflect some more profound desire in the human mind to expand to other medias and to mix? Should Romantic intermediality be considered as a new chapter in this desire or merely a continuation of former tradition of intermediality which has existed ever since the Classical era (ekphrasis, ut pictura poesis)?

If you are interested in presenting a paper in this session of ICLA conference, please contact:
Dr. Leena Eilitta, University of Mainz/Helsinki