“Regarding Postcolonialism”

Date: February 22 – 25, 2006
Venue: Boston, MA, USAThe study of modern art has all too often been undertaken without careful attention to the history and effects of decolonization, even as the dismantling (and reinstantiation) of colonial hierarchies has profoundly transformed representational strategies throughout the twentieth century. This session aims to examine this aporia, questioning why postcolonial theory – a fecund tool in film and literature studies – has failed to illuminate art-historical discourse or shake its temporal and geographic (i.e., Western and non-Western; post- and prewar) boundaries. Of particular relevance are how the discipline appropriated poststructuralist and postmodernist models of representation after the 1960s, often occluding the colonial context, and of how visual production itself might interrogate and/or reproduce colonial and postcolonial hierarchies. Papers addressing methodological issues as well as concrete case studies of art production and distribution from any number of post- or neocolonial contexts are therefore equally welcome.

Abstracts of 1-2 pages and brief cv due by 5/13/05; all accepted participants must be member of CAA by time of conference.

See for submissions details, registration, and all further information: http://www.collegeart.org
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