Questioning Interdisciplinarity

Date: September 28 – 29, 2007
Venue: Nancy, FRANCE

Nancy-Université (France)
Organized by IDEA (Interdisciplinarité dans les études anglophones)

The goal of this conference is to launch a debate on interdisciplinarity within the field of English studies in France. It follows a preliminary meeting organized by IDEA in February 2006, which laid some of the theoretical and practical groundwork for this reflection. It is common today to claim to be interdisciplinary in the social and human
sciences in general and in the study of foreign languages and cultures, traditionally organized in France around three axes (literature,
civilization, and linguistics). It is much less common to reflect on what is meant by “interdisciplinarity”, both as a set of critical or theoretical postulates and as a range of practices in teaching and research. The
juxtaposition of disciplinarily distinctive points of view, the opening up of reflection, notably in studies of the English-speaking world, to related fields at colloquia or in the tables of contents of academic works, is
practically “de rigueur” these days. But this inter- or pluridisciplinary imperative (one could almost call it a doxology) can also mask the renewal of disciplinary demarcations, the reproduction of the same under the cover
of a project to which it is all the more appealing to adhere if it does not call into question existing practices and ways of thinking.
Papers, in French or in English, could focus on theoretical models or on practices of interdisciplinarity (e.g., the links between inter- and pluridisciplinarity; the relations between disciplines, such as linguistics
and literature, and fields; the transfer of methods and concepts between disciplines and fields). Papers could examine French, European, or Anglo-American intellectual or institutional frameworks or the relations between them.

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