On Verbal/Visual Representation. Word & Image Interactions 4: Table of Contents

On Verbal/Visual Representation. Word & Image Interactions 4

Editors: Martin Heusser, Michèle Hannoosh, Eric Haskell, Leo Hoek and Peter de Voogd
Published by Editions Rodopi (Amsterdam/New York NY), 2005.



Dario GAMBONI : “Redon and Huysmans, ‘Suggestion’ and ‘Transposition d’Art’: Art Criticism between the History of Reception, the Sociology of Culture and Hermeneutics” 13-21
Lauren S. WEINGARDEN : “The Mirror as a Metaphor of Baudelairean Modernity” 17-36
Barbara WRIGHT : “A Third Republic Variant on the Quarrel of the Ancients and the Moderns: The Case of Fromentin” 23-31
Dani CUYPERS : “The Recognition Factor in French Art Criticism in 1855” 33-42
Laura MALOSETTI COSTA : “The Example of Millet: The Role of the Press in the Emergence of a Public Space in Buenos Aires (1880-1900)” 43-52
Leo H. HOEK : “Zola vis-à-vis the Barbizon Landscape: Art Criticism and Art Institutions” 53-61

Eric T. HASKELL : “Down the Rabbit Hole: ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and Image-Text Inquiry” 65-73
Renée RIESE HUBERT : “A Reading of Steve McCaffery’s ‘Carival'” 75-82
Nigel SAINT : “Pierre Lecuire and the Artists” 83-93
Fumiko T.TOGASAKI : “The Emergence of the Autonomous Image in Pre-modern Japanese Word and Image Text” 95-107

Charlotte SCHOELL-GLASS : “The Iconic Turn and the Commemoration of Destruction” 111-122
John C. WELCHMAN : “Images of Thought and Deleuze’s Pictures: Diagram, Line, FIlm and Face” 123-135
Leonard SANDERS : “Visual Ephemeralities: ‘Idoru’ and ‘Evangelion’, Popular Visual Cultures in Japan” 137-149
Martin HEUSSER : “Cultural Appropriation and National Identity: The Landscapes of Albert Bierstadt and James Fenimore Cooper” 151-159

Francis EDELINE : “Le monogramme – Un genre intersémiotique” 163-178
Véronique PLESCH : “Body of Evidence: Devotional Graffiti in a Piedmontese Chapel” 179-191
Marie-Claire BARNET : “‘Exquises esquisses’ by Gisèle and Mario Prassinos: The Craftswoman, the Writer and Het Brother” 193-205
Wanda STRAUVEN : “A Fourth Dimension in Marinetti’s Writing” 207-217
Tamar YACOBI : “Ekphrastic Double Exposure: Blake Morrison, Francis Bacon, Robert Browning and Fra Pandolf as Four-in-One” 219-227

Ed TAN : “The Digital Cultural Heritage and Word and Image Studies” 231-238
Maria SCOTT : “Textual ‘Trompe-l’oeil’ in Jacques Derrida’s ‘Memoirs of the Blind'” 239-249
David SCOTT : “Visual Cultures: Minding the Gap” 251-256