On the Road to Sustainable Excellence: Communicating Across the Curriculum

Date: November 11 – 12, 2005
Venue: Cairo, EgyptThrough interdisciplinary dialog, we aim to foster a learning community that values written and oral communication as tools for cognitive development and inquiry-based learning , thus empowering students to explore, assess and create – a place where passion for knowledge is inspired, rhetorical skill promoted and civic responsibility instilled. Learning excellence in all disciplines can be cultivated and sustained.

Areas of Interest:

Critical thinking and problem-based learning
Cross-cultural issues
Instructional technology and electronic communication
Information literacy
Intellectual property across disciplines
Research and documentation styles
CAC in EFL contexts
Learning resource and writing centers
Service learning
Ethics/values/civic responsibility
Genre analysis
Standards and program development
Administration and funding
Interdisciplinary connections
Rhetoric associates/peer tutoring

Call for Papers:
To submit a proposal, you need the following:

A completed proposal form
A 250-word abstract
A 50-word summary for the program book
A 35-word biography for each presenter

For further information, contact the organizers at cacprop@aucegypt.edu