Multimedia Compositions from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period

Margriet Hoogvliet (ed.): Multimedia Compositions from the Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period. Leuven: Peeters, 2004.

ISBN: 90-429-1532-3; XV-195 pp.; 43 b/w ills.; 45 EUR

Since the introduction of the personal computer, multi-media has become an important ingredient of modern life. Yet the combination of different media has a long history in western European culture: during the Middle Ages and early modern period, artists from various disciplines collaborated frequently and produced amazingly complex multi-meda art works. The contributions to this volume in the series Groningen Studies in Cultural Change take up the challenge to go ‘beyond comparatism’ in order to study combinations of the arts in the most literal sense of the word and explore the changing attitudes towards the production and perception of multi-media art from the Middle Ages to the early period. The topics range from the epistemology of word and image combined, multi-media interior decoration, early forms of ‘Totaltheater’, political communication, the emotive effects of Lutheran poetry and music, to the eighteenth century French critics of ‘ut pictura poesis’

Preface and acknowledgements vii

Margriet Hoogvliet. Introduction ix

Contributors xv

Michael Curschmann. Epistemological Perspectives at the Juncture of Word
and Image in Medieval Books before 1300 1

Barbara Welzel. The Paintings of Jacques Daret in Arras of 1435: Medium and Intermedia 15

Norbert H. Ott. Multi-media in the Middle Ages. Different Social and Political Implications of Literature-based Artifacts 27

Angelika Lampen. The Princely Entry into Town. Significance and Change of a multi-media Event 41

Falk Eisermann. Imperial Representation and the Printing Press in Fifteenth-century Germany 61

Margriet Hoogvliet. Mixing Text and Image. French and Italian Theories from the late Middle Ages to the Early Sixteenth Century 75

Barbara Ravelhofer. Stage Design as multi-media Composition in Early Modern England 105

Isabella Van Elferen. ‘Sie creutzigen alle sinne des leibes!’: Multi-mediality,
Consolatio Tragoediae and Lutheran Pedagogy in the German Baroque Passion Meditation 121

Marijke Jonker. From ‘unité de sujet’ to ‘unité d’intérêt’: a Century of Word and Image Relations in France 145

Bibliography 165

Index 189

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