Membership form

You can register as a member of IAWIS/AIERTI online (1) or by bank transfer (2). Please also follow the instructions below for sending your contact information to our membership secretary (3).

1. Online

Use the following Paypal link.

2. Bank transfer

For an international bank transfer (no costs in €) use IBAN and BIC:
IBAN: NL52INGB0005121072
BIC (also called SWIFT): INGBNL2A

3. Registration information

Please send the following information by email to our membership secretary <sophie.aymes[@]>:
-date of payment and amount
-postal address.

Membership options / options

3-year / année : € 80 EURO

6-year / année : € 120 EURO

4-year for students, independent scholars, retirees / étudiants, chercheurs indépendants, retraités : € 65 EURO (send proof/envoyer preuve)

6-year supporting membership /adhésion de soutien 6 ans : € 240,00 or more/ou plus

2 thoughts on “Membership form

  1. Good morning,
    just now I donated 80€ via Paypal to become a member. Unique Transaction ID87A664783M205073M
    I guess my PayPal don’t give my name properly.

    kind regards
    Kerstin Stutterheim

    1. Hello,
      To confirm the status of your membership, I recommend that you contact our treasurer, Matthijs Engelberts
      Thank you for your interest in IAWIS!

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