Membership/ Adhésion

Membership of IAWIS/AIERTI is open to all persons interested in the field of Word and Image relations. Scholars of all disciplines, lecturers, other academic professionals, artists, critics, designers, and all others whose work bears upon the relationships between verbal and visual media are invited to join IAWIS/AIERTI.

How To Register?
In order to register as IAWIS/AIERTI member, please go to the registration page on this site and follow the instructions there.

Fees and membership benefits
IAWIS/AIERTI offers a 3-year membership for 80 EURO, 6-year membership for 120 EURO, and a 4-year student membership (also open to independent scholars and retirees) for 65 EURO. A 6-year supporting membership is 240 EURO.

  • Paid-up members will be invited to participate in the International Conferences, including the possibility of submitting papers for the Proceedings thereof.
  • Members are also eligible for the Association’s triennial prize for best article.
  • IAWIS/AIERTI members receive, free of charge, the digital newsletter of IAWIS/AIERTI.
  • Ashgate has set up a dedicated web page for our association within their website ( This allows our members to purchase a large selection of books at a discount. When ordering, IAWIS/AIERTI members should use the promotional code which can be obtained by contacting the President or the Secretary.
  • Finally, members fully paid-up for a period of at least three years will receive a free copy of the next International Conference’s Proceedings!
  • Les membres de l’AIERTI/IAWIS peuvent participer au colloque international et peuvent soumettre leur contribution aux actes.
  • Les soumissions des membres sont admissibles au prix de l’Association pour le meilleur article.
  • Les membres de l’AIERTI/IAWIS reçoivent gratuitement le bulletin électronique de l’Association.
  • Ashgate a créé une page pour notre association (, nos membres peuvent ainsi bénéficier de réductions sur une grande sélection de livres. En plaçant votre commande, veuillez utiliser le code que vous pouvez obtenir en contactant la présidente ou la secrétaire.
  • Et, les membres ayant réglé leur cotisation pour au moins trois ans reçoivent un exemplaire, gratuit, des Actes du Congrès!