Media Acts

Date: October 26 – 28, 2011
Venue: Department of Art and Media studies, NTNU, Norway

Recent technological changes that involve digitization have been claimed to erase the differences among individual media, and fundamentally to alter the conditions of perception and experience. In the art world, formerly dominant conceptions of art forms such as poetry, painting, sculpture, and even video art, which in the 1960s were codified as channeled sensory portals, have been replaced by blurred domains of new media art, of sound art and tangible media. What, then, in the current situation, does the disputed concept of ‘medium’ mean? Certainly, media still matter – but why, how and in what ways?

The 10th NorSIS conference addresses these questions by changing focus from what a medium is (in terms of substantial characteristics) to what media do. Mediated forms of expressions are to be considered in terms of their achievements, that is, in terms of the productive changes they introduce into the mediated situation. The conference invites presentations that investigate and compare different kinds of mediated expressions, not as re-presentations of a pre-given reality, but as transformative performances, interferences and interventions.

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