‘Mana’o tupapa’u: Jarry, Gauguin et la fraternité des arts’

Dario L. Gamboni: ‘Mana’o tupapa’u: Jarry, Gauguin et la fraternité des arts‘. In: Michael Einfalt et al. (eds.), Intellektuelle Redlichkeit – Intégrité intellectuelle: Literatur – Geschichte – Kultur. Festschrift für Joseph Jurt. Heidelberg: Winter, 2005, pp. 459 – 475.

ISBN: 3-8253-5030-4

This essay studies the interaction between Paul Gauguin and Alfred Jarry, starting from the poetic transposition of “Mana’o tupapa’u” written in 1894. The young writer’s idiosyncratic approach to images and his own visual production correspond to the older artist’s reinvention of woodcut. In addition, their use of ambiguity and polysemy in their respective mediums is based on a comparable interest for mental processes and the recipient’s participation.

Ann. posted 2005-06-21