Literature of the Cinema: Novel into Film

Date: November 10 – 13, 2005
Venue: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The Midwest Modern Language Association
Convention at the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee on Nov. 10-13. 2005
According to Frederic Jameson, the cinema is considered the most prodigious form of the art of intertextualization in the post modern era because films are readily accessible to all members of society and can be interpreted with an array of meanings. How do film adaptations fit into the scheme of intertextualization that Jameson describes? How do screen adaptations offer fresh approaches to cinematic art, literary theory, and cultural politics? What standards, if any, must be considered when a literary text as a source is represented or adapted into the cinematic? Can a historical overview of literature to film adaptations be traced? And how important is the study of adaptations to the study of literature or to society, especially in light of the many different academic disciplines now attracted to the analysis of film as commodity, document, and cultural artifact? Please send a one page abstract to Micki Nyman at the e-mail address provided below by April 22, 2005. Email:

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