IRICS – Innovations and Reproductions in Cultures and Societies

Date: December 9 – 11, 2005
Venue: Congress Centrum Vienna



The past century has seen a never precedented expansion of media systems. The increasing complexity of their use in everyday life as well as in institutions has called for corresponding stategies of reduction of this complexity. The tendencies of globalization have been matched by accomanying preferences for regionalization. The process of medialization of everyday life, at the same time, appears as a process of the domestication of the media (Sihvonen).

For centuries, the epistemological procedures and forms of argumentation within the framework of the humanities have been determined by the written word. How can their key concepts, their traditions, their frames of knowledge and memory be transformed from symbolic codes to poly-coded forms of depiction? Which specific media competences have to supplement the traditional ones? What are the new techniques of discourse and coherence in new media as opposed to the ones in old media? How can the information stored in the nets be used, navigated, structured? Will there be new modes of representation and narration? How are the same themes dealt with in concomitant media such as newspaper, television, internet? Which will be the consequences for our everyday routines of communicative behaviour (e.g., in telecommunication)? Or for our perception of works of digital art (music, pictures, texts, games, homepage design)?

The session aims at presenting a forum of discussion of some of the leading questions shaping the description of the evolution of media systems.

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