Intermediality, Theatricality, Performance, (Re)-presentation

Date: May 25 – 29, 2007
Venue: Montreal, Quebec, CanadaNew Media technologies have infiltrated contemporary theatre, performance art and other modes of (re)-presentation in an unprecedented way. While these technical innovations have been embraced readily – and explored creatively – by many theatre practitioners, performance artists and experts in visual and physical (re)-presentation (museologists, curators, etc.), their impact on the complex reciprocal spectator/object relationship and
all of its concomitant issues has not yet been explored sufficiently.

Sharing the belief that answers cannot be found by examining particular practices or particular media as isolated entities but, rather, as part
of a complex network operating in response to ever-changing social,cultural, technological, and artistic dynamics, the organizers of this
symposium are taking an intermedial approach to seeking responses in the following catagories:

– Space
– Technology
– Theatre as a Hypermedium
– Acting
– Performance
– Form and Structure
– Outlook

The symposium should be of interest to architects, curators,museologists, designers, creators of computer games, and others working
with the new media in the context of performance, theatre, and (re)-presentation.

Proposals are invited for three types of activities: (1) scholarly papers (twenty minutes), (2) demonstrations (twenty minutes to one hour), and (3) workshops (one to two hours).

Submissions should include a 500-word titled abstract, complete contact information and institutional affiliation of the proponent, and a short biographical note.

Proposals should be sent to:

See for submissions details, registration, and all further information:
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