Iconotropism: Turning Toward Pictures

Ellen Spolsky (ed.): Iconotropism: Turning Toward Pictures. Lewisburg, PA: Bucknell University Press, 2004.

ISBN: 0-8387-5542-9; 210 pp.; throughout b/w ills.; 49.50 USD

From the Table of Contents:

Ellen Spolsky – Iconotropism, or Representational Hunger: Raphael and Titian
Carol Zemel – Bidden and Forbidden Sights: Images of the Holocaust
Elliot R. Wolfson – Imaging the Imageless: Iconic Representations of the Divine in Kabbalah
Tamar Yacobi – Fictive Beholders: How Ekphrasis Dramatizes Visual Perception
Christopher Braider – Hercules at the Crossroads: Image and Soliloquy in Annibale Carracci
Albert Boime – William Holman Hunt’s The Scapegoat: Rite of Forgiveness/Transference of Blame
Viven Green Fryd – Modern Emblematic Portraits: The Interplay of Word and Image
Denise Pessah – Monet and the Fete de la Paix: Seeing the Big Picture
Ilana Bing – Iconotropism vs. Logocentrism: The Artwriting of Abstract Expressionism
Meredith L. McGill – Owning Up to Images: Poe, Hawthorne, and Antebellum Gift-book Publication

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