Iconography of Death


Date: October 24 – 25, 2008
Venue: McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

The John Douglas Taylor Conference, 2008
Organizers: Mary Silcox and Peter M. Daly

Proposals are invited for 20-minute papers on all aspects of the representation of death, from all time periods and cultures, including but not limited to:
– The Jewish, Christian, or Islamic traditions
– Tombs, monuments, gravestones, memorials, cemeteries
– Funeral ceremonies
– Images of death in visual works of art
– Death and emblems
– Images of death in modern media: movies, advertising, print magazines, the internet, greeting cards, newspaper obituaries
– Gender and representations of death
– Depiction of death in anime and graphic novels
– Images of death in literature
– Class and death

We encourage a wide range of disciplines and theoretical perspectives.

Confirmation of accepted papers will sent by August 29, 2008. We prefer that abstracts be submitted electronically in the body of an e-mail, but they may be sent by regular mail to the address below.

Abstracts and Papers to be sent to:

Please use the subject heading: Iconography of Death Conference

or to:

Dr. Mary Silcox
Department of English and Cultural Studies
McMaster University
Hamilton, ON L8S 4L9