Future Literature, Future Art: Probing the Boundaries of Criticism

Date: November 30 – December 2, 2006
Venue: Cracow, Poland

This conference aims to take stock of the genealogy of current literary and artistic practices and their critical adjuncts with a view to speculating on future developments in both literature, art and criticism. An inter-disciplinary approach will be adopted so as to provide the basis for dialogue between the various disciplines currently inputting into literary, artistic and critical production.
With respect to literature, the relationship
between literature and criticism has undergone
radicalisation in the last century. The very clarity of the distinction between the two has
become problematic, with various kinds ofusions and blurrings between the two coming to the fore. While many cite the crucial juncture as the Surrealists’ transdisciplinary aesthetic, it is possible to trace the source of the revolution in literature and criticism back to key texts such Lautréamont’s Maldoror and to the Symbolist emphasis on a more conceptual approach to literary production. . .
With respect to art, similar questions of the
status of the art work and conflicting fundamental paradigms apply as in the case of literature. Since Duchamp, the question ‘what is art?’ has become constitutive of art practice in an unprecedented way, linking the diverse movements of Dada, Pop, Fluxus, Minimalism and Conceptual art amongst others.
Some see recent art practice as a return to more empirical concerns while others see it as an extension and intensification of the question ‘what is art?’ . . .
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Dr Jones Irwin
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Dr Rob Fisher
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