Elective Affinities: Testing Word and Image Relationships. Word & Image Interactions 6: Table of Contents


Elective Affinities: Testing Word and Image Relationships. Word & Image Interactions 6
Editors: Catriona MacLeod, Véronique Plesch and Charlotte Schoell-Glass
Editions Rodopi (Amsterdam/New York NY), 2009.


Catriona MACLEOD : “Introduction” 11-17


Michael R. TAYLOR : “Consulting the Manual: Word and Image in Marcel Duchamp’s Étant donnés” 31-45
Adriana DRAGOMIR : “Living and Dying in the Limelight: Performing the Self in Frida Kahlo’s Diary and Paintings” 47-60
Laurence WUIDAR : “Imbrication de l’image, du texte et de la musique dans un corpus de prières énigmatiques à la Vierge” 61-75
Cordula GREWE : “The Künstlerroman as Romantic Arabesque: Parody, Collaboration, and the Making of The Modern Vasari (1854)” 77-97
Karen E. BROWN : “The ‘Inscapes’ of Louis le Brocquy” 99-112
Robert GRANT : “American Scenery/Canadian Scenery: Conflicting Views of Indigenes in Mid-Nineteenth-Century British Portrayals of the American Continent” 113-128
Miriam HARRIS : “Cartoonists as Matchmakers: The Vibrant Relationship of Text and Image in the Work of Lynda Barry” 129-144

Steen CHRISTIANSEN : “The Truth of the Word, the Falsity of the Image: Transmetropolitan’s Critique of the Society of the Spectacle” 147-158
Danielle LEENARTS : “Le magazine français Vu (1928-40): Naissance de l’information visuelle et utopie de la substitution de l’image photographique au texte écrit” 159-171
Hubert LOCHER : “From Ekphrasis to History: Verbal Transformations of the Display of Picture Galleries – Wilhelm Heinse and Friedrich Schlegel” 173-185
Lauren S. WEINGARDEN : “Modernizing History and Historicizing Modernity: Baudelaire and Baudelairean Representations of Contemporaneity” 187-203
Valentin NUSSBAUM : “Serial Künstler: Portrait of the Artist as a Malefactor” 205-219
Jonathan MARSHALL : “Hypnotic Performance and the Falsity of Appearances: The Aesthetics of Medical Spectatorship and Axel Munthe’s Critique of Jean-Martin Charcot” 221-240

Susana OLIVEIRA : “New Light and Old Shadows: Industrial Illumination and its Imaginaire” 243-260
Jennifer A. GREENHILL : “Illustrating the Shadow of Doubt: Henry James, Blindness, and ‘The Real Thing'” 261-280
Eric T. HASKELL : “Picturing Paradise: Baudelaire’s ‘L’Invitation au voyage'” 281-297
Julia FRIEDMAN : “The Writing-Drawing Continuum of Alexei Remizov” 299-316
Spyros PAPAPETROS : “Aby Warburg as Reader of Gottfried Semper: Reflections on the Cosmic Character of Ornament” 317-336
Cristina CUEVAS-WOLF : “John Heartfield’s Insects and the ‘Idea’ of Natural History” 337-353
María DEGUZMÁN : “The Photographic Thought of Latina/o Literature and Cultural Critique” 255-368
Susan NURMI-SCHOMERS : “Diderot, Brecht, Eisenstein, Fassbinder: Découpage Aesthetics on the Divide” 369-385
Birgit MERSMANN : “(Ideo-)Logical Alliances between Image and Script: Calligraphic Reconfigurations in Contemporary Chinese Art” 387-399