CFP annual conference of the Interfaces journal

Appropriation and Reappropriation of narratives
Interfaces: Image Text Language
International conference
Université Paris Diderot, 25 et 26 June 2015
Organised by the LARCA (UMR 8225)
Backed by the bilingual illustrated journal Interfaces: Image Text Language, this conference invites specialists of history, art history, visual culture, literature, and linguistics interested in the relationship between text and image to look into the appropriation and reappropriation of narratives, be they collective or personal, canonical or marginal. Papers will consider the ways in which these narratives are revisited, rewritten, reclaimed, manipulated or subverted.
Possible topics include:
playful or critical uses of narratives to political, aesthetic or pedagogical ends. E.g. adaptations of film or (children’s) literature classics ; new modes of production, distribution or consumption of images ; new fictional forms influenced by digital technologies ; quotations from art works in fan fiction or videogames.
history and its representations ; how memory is constituted ; how narratives are subverted : history painting, images linked to specific events, monuments, curatorial practices ; the use and misuse of archives ; school texbooks ; documentary film, cinema, tv series, comics…
transcultural practices : ways of seeing other cultures, reception and reinterpretation of narratives from and into other cultural contexts, for whom and to what purpose,…
the status of narratives : official, mainstream, subaltern, alternative. The way minorities have contested or reclaimed established discourses which marginalised or excluded them.
Submission for papers including an abstract (300 words maximum) and a short biographical notice should be sent to the entire organising committee :
Carole Cambray :
Catherine Marcangeli :
Deadline for proposals: 15 February 2015