Bodies – Arts – Crossroads. The Body and Intermediality

Date: October 27 – 30, 2005
Venue: Växjö University, Sweden

We welcome abstracts for papers or posters dealing with the body from an intermedial/interartial perspective. The conference is open for a wide range of approaches to this theme that should either incorporate various traditional art forms or new media, or focus on the relations between image, music, and words in specific works of art. Relevant issues are the production or reception of diverse art forms, with emphasis on the role of the body in creativity, perception, and interpretation of visual art, music, literature, film, video, dance architecture etc., as well as questions concerning how bodies are shaped, formed, and described in different media, or how body ideals and values are expressed and changed, in one or many works of art, contemporary or historical. How has the body been constructed in the arts and within the humanities? Topics to be investigated may furthermore be the social function of the body, for instance seen from a gender perspective, or the physical body as a sign or a metaphor. Overall aesthetic perspectives on concepts or categories of description and valuation crossing the borders of the art forms are also very welcome.
Please note that the focus of the conference is on the human body in a concrete, not figurative or abstract sense (e.g. “the body of the text”).

Please send your abstract as an attachment (around 300 words) to

This invitation is directed to senior academics, doctoral candidates, and artists. Official languages of the conference will be English, Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish.