Date: November 3 – 4, 2005
Venue: Canberra, Australia

The School of Humanities at the Australian National University presents an interdisciplinary symposium which will explore aspects of time in all forms of art – literature, visual art, and music.

Papers are invited on the general question of the relationship between art and time, or on particular works, styles or artistic movements in which time, in one of its guises, plays an important part.

General questions might include: Does art transcend time? Is it a dimension of the eternal? Is art somehow embedded in historical time? Do works of art, as Terry Eagleton argues, offer ‘a particular perspective in which to view the history of our times?’ Does each new work, as T.S. Eliot suggested, transform the past as well as the present, changing and re-ordering our artistic heritage? Is the relationship between art and history, as some new historicists claim, in a constant process of ‘negotiation and exchange’? Is there a link between art and memory, nostalgia and forgetting? Are Hegel and Arthur Danto correct in foreshadowing the ‘end of art’?

Participants may also examine particular works, styles or movements in which the temporal dimension is of particular interest – such as the postmodern fascination with the contingent and its opposition to ‘grand narratives’, the existentialist emphasis on freedom and openness to the future, the Romantic urge to recapture the past or prefigure a radiant future, the confident Baroque joy in the present moment, the Elizabethans’ bittersweet counsel to ‘seize the day’, the medieval preoccupation with death and eternity.

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