6th International Conference, ‘Orientations: Word & Image’, Hamburg 2002


Sixth International Conference On Word & Image


Kunstgeschichtliches Seminar, Universität Hamburg, 21-27 July 2002


Word & Image in History and Historiography (Charlotte Schoell-Glass, Lauren S. Weingarden)

    • Georges Didi-Huberman (EHESS, Paris) “Words, Winds, Image: Aby Warburg and the ‘Imaginary Breeze’ in the Quattrocento”
  • 11.00 – 12.30 SESSIONS 1-3
    • 1 La figuration cinématographique de l’histoire (Chair: Christian Delage)
      • Fabrice Montebello (Metz) “La figuration du corps ouvrier dans le cinéma français”
      • David Schreiber (EHESS, Paris) “The Trial of Klaus Barbie: the Face of the Witness”
      • Andrea Grunert (Evangelische Fachhochschule, Bochum) “Andrezej Wajda et la Pologne idéalisée”
    • 2 Aby Warburg (Chair: Nicholas Mann)
      • Stimilli (Northwestern) “Motto and Image in Aby Warburg”
      • Maurizio Ghelardi (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa) “The Biology of Image: Warburg, Masaccio and Darwin”
      • Karen Michels (Hamburg) “‘Il faut penser à coté’: the Archive of William S. Heckscher”
    • 3 W & I in History and Historiography: Art (Chair: Charles W. Haxthausen)
      • Georg Traska (Trier) “The Utopian in the Real City of Siena”
      • Else Jongeneel (Groningen) “Speaking Walls:: the ‘Cabinets d’amateurs'”
      • Nicolas Galley (Fribourg) “Peintre sans pinceau ou l’historien dérouté”
  • 14.00 – 15.30 SESSIONS 4-6
    • 4 Mirrorings (I) (Chair: Lauren Weingarden)
      • Lauren Weingarden (Florida State) “The Mirror as Metaphor of Baudelairean Modernity”
      • Laura Malosetti Costa (Buenos Aires) “Images in Words for Modernism”
      • Max Nänny (Zürich) “Formal Mirroring in Literary Texts”
    • 5 Graffiti Reconsidered (Chair: Véronique Plesch, Béatrice Fraenkel)
      • Véronique Plesch (Colby College) “Graffiti on Religious Frescoes: Questions and Models”
      • Yuliya Komska (Cornell) “Pilgrim Graffiti on Bavarian Ex Votos”
      • Carrie Noland (California, Irvine) “Graffiti and the Reinvention of Space”
      • Béatrice Fraenkel (Sorbonne nouvelle) “Les écrits du désastre”
    • 6 W & I in History and Historiography: Approaches (Chair: Charlotte Schoell-Glass)
      • Pamela J. Warner (Delaware) “Goncourt Brothers and the Pictoriality of History”
      • Christina Ionescu (Toronto) “Montesquieu”
      • Gabriela Siracusano (CONICET, Buenos Aires) “South American Colonial Paintings”
  • 16.00 – 17.30 SESSIONS 7-9
    • 7 Mirrorings (I) (Chair: Lauren Weingarden)
      • Diane Brown (Malacaster College) “Anxiety of Apprenticeship”
      • Arne Koch (Kansas) “Conflicting Orientations and the Image of a National Chronicle”
      • Fumiko T. Togasaki (Wittenberg) “Cosmopolitan ‘Innovators’ in Isolated Feudal Japan”
    • 8 Artists as Writers and Book Art (Chair: Anne Bush)
      • Kimberley A. Smith (Southwestern) “The Rhetoric of Expressionist Art”
      • Gudula Mayr (Hamburg) “Ernst Barlach’s Illustrated Plays”
      • Regine Rapp (Humboldt) “Tango with Cows: Russian Futurist Book Art”
    • 9 W & I in History and Historiography: Perspectives (Chair: Michèle Hannoosh)
      • Elisabeth Hodges (Miami) “Crossroads”
      • Valentin Nussbaum (Fribourg) “Fin de siècle et troubles de l’identité”
      • Carolin Meister (Berlin) “Walter Benjamin”


The Politics of Media (David Scott, Ed S. H. Tan)

  • 9.00 – 10.30 PLENARY SESSION
    • Daniel Dayan (CNRS, Paris) “Rituals of Consensus, Rituals of Dissent: Visual Media and Their Public”
  • 11.00 – 12.30 SESSIONS 10-12
    • 10 Documentary, Journalism (I) (Chair: Ed Tan)
      • Jeroen van der Zalm (VU Amsterdam) “Photographic Self Representation in Chiapas”
      • Elke Grittman (Hamburg) “Strategies of Photojournalism and Journalism in German Newspapers”
      • Ed Tan (VU Amsterdam) “Revenge and Appeasement in Screen Images. 09-11 and its Aftermath in the Dutch Television News”
    • 11 Tableaux Vivants (Chair: Mario Klarer)
      • Mario Klarer (Innsbruck) “Still Lives: Histories and Theories of Tableaux Vivants”
      • Catriona MacLeod (Pennsylvania) “Perversion as ‘Tableau Vivant'”
      • Peter M. McIsaac (Duke) “When the Female Body Speaks”
    • 12Graphic Power (Chair: David Scott)
      • Warren Brown (Trinity, Dublin) “Image as Political Tool”
      • Etienne Samain (État de Campinas) “Les risques du texte et de l’image”
      • Andreas Janser (Zürich) “On Typotecture: Typography as Architectural Imagery in Poster Art”
  • 12.30 – 14.00 POSTER SESSION
    • Warren Brown (Trinity, Dublin) “Image as Political Tool”
    • Tim Gieser, Katherina Koester, Sebastian Pranghofer “Literally Seen”
    • Heike Elisabeth Jüngst (Leipzig) “Translating Pictures”
    • Kvetuse Lepilova (Ostrava) “The Communicative Trichotomy of Word, Image and Sound”
    • Alan Prohm (Stanford) “Spatial Resources for a Visual Poetics”
    • Gunnar Sandin (Lund) “Is It – A Site Description”
    • David Scott (Trinity, Dublin) “The Smile of the Sign: Word and Image in French Travel Writing”
    • Martin Warnke, Carmen Wedemeyer (Lüneburg) “Hypermedia Picture-Text-Archives on some of Anna Oppermann’s Ensembles”
    • Richard Kelly Tipping (Newcastle/NZ) “Signing the City”
  • 14.00 – 15.30 SESSIONS 13-15
    • 13 Documentary, Journalism (II) (Chair: Ed Tan)
      • Joan Kristing Bleicher (Hamburg) “Fakes and Frauds”
      • Maria Lauber (Hamburg), “Italy’s Media System: Trend and Menetekel”
      • Discussion
    • 14 Cinema (Chair: Nathalie Roelens)
      • Nathalie Roelens (Nijmegen) “La représentation de la barbarie”
      • Kvetuse Lepilova (Ostrava) “Word, Image and Sound”
      • Aarnoud Rommens (Leuven) “Christopher Nolan’s ‘Memento'”
    • 15 Comics & Visual Literature (I) (Chair: Jan Baetens)
      • Jan Baetens (Leuven) “Bande dessinée et écriture à contrainte”
      • Claude Duée (Castilla La Mancha) “Là où le mot se fait image et où l’image se fait mot”
      • Pascal Lefèvre (Leuven) “The Battle over the Speech Balloon”
  • 16.00 – 17.30 SESSIONS 16-18
    • 16 Sociology (Chair: Franco Ricci)
      • Heinz Brüggemann (Hannover) “‘Tavole parolibere futuriste’: Aesthetic and Political Strategies”
      • Joseph J. Tanke (Boston College) “Toward a Critique of Baudrillards Third Order Simulacrum”
      • Franco Ricci (Ottawa) “You want to be an Italian but you were born in America, Argentina, Canada”
    • 17 Consumerism (Chair: Rosalind Silvester)
      • Rosalind Silvester (Trinity, Dublin) “Advertising and Consumerism”
      • M. Enamul Huque (Toronto) “Paradoxical Information in the Public Sphere”
    • 18 Comics & Visual Literature (II) (Chair: Jan Baetens)
      • Ole Frahm (Hamburg) “Comics Laugh about their Origins”
      • Roger Sabin (London) “Ally Sloper: First Comic Superstar?”
      • Anne Magnussen (Syddansk) “C. S. Peirce’s Semiotics and the Understanding of Comics”




Contemporary Art/Post-Documenta (Eric T. Haskell, Martin Heusser)

  • 9.00 – 10.30 PLENARY PANEL
    • Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe, Wolfgang Kemp, Monika Wagner, John Welchman
  • 11.00 – 12.30 SESSIONS 19-21
    • 19 Materiality and Mediality of Script and Writing in Contemporary Art (I) (Chair: Monika Wagner)
      • Monika Wagner (Hamburg) “Introduction: Materiality and Mediality of Script and Writing in Contemporary Art”
      • Aleida Assmann (Konstanz) “Writing Materials”
      • Ines Lindner (Montréal) “Montage and Medial Transgressions – Effects of the Scriptural in Anna Oppermann’s Work”
    • 20 Moving Images and Travelling Texts (Chair: Terence Diggory)
      • Terence Diggory (Skidmore) “The Red Wheelbarrow goes Global”
      • Wolfgang Kaiser (Hamburg) “Let Things Talk. A working Method derived from W. C. Williams”
      • Bridget Sutherland (Auckland) “In the Art Hotel: Experimental Short Films”
    • 21 Poetics (Chair: Eric T. Haskell)
      • Alan Prohm (Stanford) “Spatial Resources for Visual Poetics”
      • Friedrich Block (Kassel) “Digital Poetics”
  • 14.00 – 15.30 SESSIONS 22-24
    • 22 Materiality and Mediality of Script and Writing in Contemporary Art (I) (Chair: Monika Wagner)
      • Karlheinz Lüdeking (Nürnberg) “The Signature”
      • Anne Hoormann (Weimar) “Lighting Words. Neon as Medium and Material in Contemporary”
      • Sonja Neef (ASCA) “Written On Skin. Tattoo, Writing, Image”
    • 23 Adaptations (Chair: John Welchman)
      • John Welchman (California, San Diego) “Introduction to Word & Image in Cinema”
      • Martine Beugnet, Marion Schmid (Edinburgh) “Filming Jealousy: Chantal Akerman”
      • Evelyn Preuss (Yale) “The Censorship of Trace of Stones”
    • 24 Contemporaneity of Myth
      • Mario Klarer (Innsbruck) “Sexing Word, Image and Motion”
      • Maya Huber (Zürich) “The Disappearance of the Text: from Neon Billboards to the Guggenheim in the Desert”
  • 16.00 – 17.30 SESSIONS 25-27
    • 25 Variations of Art and Forms (Chair: Clara Orban)
      • Clara Orban (DePaul) “Cocteau: Performance, Word and Images”
      • Leslie S. Curtis (Carroll) “Janet Cardiff’s ‘Audio-Walks'”
      • Wilton Azevedo (Mackenzie) “On the 2nd Interpoetry Exhibition”
    • 26 Metaphors in Movement (Chair: Dee Reynolds)
      • Dee Reynolds (Manchester) “Introduction: Metaphors in Movement”
      • Jools Gilson-Ellis (Cork), Richard Povall (South Brent) “On ‘Spinstren'”
      • Sophia Lycouris (London) “On ‘Bodysight'”
    • 27 Illustration (Chair: Eric T. Haskell)
      • Martin Antonetti (Smith College), Véronique Plesch (Colby College) “From Image to Word: The Books of Lucie Lambert”
      • Eric T. Haskell (Scripps) “Drawn to the Page: Hamlet and Illustration as Interpretation”


Mapping & Visualisation (Leo Hoek, Hans Lund)

  • 9.00 – 10.30 SESSIONS 28-30
    • 28 Cartography I – Celestial Projections (Chair: Justus Fetscher)
      • Philippe Despoix (Montréal) “Orientation cartographique et le problème de la longitude”
      • Kathleen Lundeen (Western Washington) “Mapping Infinity”
      • Justus Fetscher (FU Berlin) “The Zodiacal Signs as a Tool Box and Arsenal (17th and 18th Centuries)”
    • 29 Mapping in Literature – Logotypes (Chair: Hans Lund)
      • Claus Clüver (Indiana) “Towards a Typology of the Logo”
      • Massimo Leone (Siena) “From Textures to Texts: Interweaving Words and Images”
      • Hans Lund (Lund) “Alma Mater’s Changing Face”
    • 30 Scientific Images (I) (Chair: Leo Hoek)
      • Angela Fischel (Helmholtz-Zentrum) “Microscopic Evidence”
      • Ulrik Ilg (Kunsthistorisches Instutut, Florenz) “Mapping Mankind in the 16th Century”
      • Francis Edeline (Liège) “S’orienter dans l’espace des couleurs”
  • 11.00 – 12.30 SESSIONS 31-33
    • 31 Cartography II – Cartography and Fiction (Chair: Philippe Despoix)
      • Christian Berkemeier (Paderborn) “Mapping Poe and Melville”
      • Christina Ljungberg (Zürich) “Cartographic Strategies in Contemporary Fiction”
      • Robert Stockhammer (FU Berlin) “OceanoGraphies”
    • 32 Mapping in Literature – Ekphrasis (Chair: Leo Hoek)
      • Dorine Gorter (Utrecht) “Reverdy sur l’art”
      • François Blumenfeld-Kouchner (Fontenay-sous-bois) “Ekphrasis dans Chateaubriand’s nouvelle”
      • Tamar Yacobi (Tel Aviv) “Ekphrasis as a Mirroring between Doubles”
    • 33 Scientific Images – Photography (Chair: Hans Lund)
      • Friedrich Tietjen (Maastricht) “Photography as a Means of Art History”
      • Thomas Fechner-Smarsly (Bonn) “Question of Photographic Vision”
      • Richard Kelly Tipping (Newcastle/NZ) “Signing the City”
  • 14.00 – 15.30 SESSIONS 34-36
    • 34 Cartography III – Cartography and Art (Chair: David Scott)
      • Susanne Düchting (Essen) “Contemporary Artists as a Cartographers”
      • Deborah Schultz (Sussex) “The Conquest of Space”
    • 35 Gestures as a Basis of Culture (I) (Chair: Roland Posner)
      • Roland Posner (TU Berlin) “What Gestures Can Say about Dreams”
      • Anette Rose (Berlin) “Sixteen Dream Fragments”
      • Posner/Rose “Discussion: The Dream Experience and Its Presentation in the Media”
    • 36 Writing and Viewing in the Garden (I) (Chair: John Dixon Hunt)
      • Raffaella Fabiani Giannetto (Pennsylvania) “Writing the Garden in the Age of Humanism: Petrarch and Bocaccio”
      • Claire Goldstein (Miami Univ. of Ohio) “Collecting Versailles”
      • Giulia Pacini (Coll. of William and Mary) “Signs and Sites of Friendship in Delille’s ‘Les Jardins'”
  • 16.00 – 17.30 SESSIONS 37-39
    • 37 Cartography IV – Travel Writing (Chair: David Scott)
      • David Scott (Trinity, Dublin) “The Smile of the Sign: Word and Image in French Travel Writing”
      • Anne Bush (Hawai’i) “Reviewing Rome”
    • 38 Gestures as a Basis of Culture (II) (Chair: Roland Posner)
      • Ellen Fricke (TU Berlin) “Pointing and Orientation”
      • Monique Moser-Verrey (Laval) “Sociabilité et gestuelle dans la nouvelle Française du XVIII siècle”
      • Birgitte Stougaard (Aarhus) “Gestures and the Musicality of Language”
    • 39 Writing and Viewing in the Garden (II) (Chair: John Dixon Hunt)
      • Liliane Weissberg (Pennsylvania) “From ‘Werther’ to Weimar: Goethe’s Perspective on Landscape”
      • Zsófia Bán (Budapest) “Goethe’s ‘Elected Affinities'”
      • Susanne Prinz (Berlin) “Black & White Garden”


  • 9.00 – 10.30 SESSIONS 40-42
    • 40 Between Technics & Time (I) (Chair: Laura Chiesa)
      • Bernard Stiegler (IRCAM) “Perdre le Nord: la guerre – venir de l’orientation”
      • Helmut Müller-Sievers (Northwestern) “Anatomy and Disorientations in Georg Büchner”
    • 41 Orientations/Disorientations (I) (Chair: Peter de Voogd)
      • Valerie Mainz (Leeds) “Fabre’s ‘La Vision de Saül’: History Painting as Otherness”
      • Margaret MacNamidhe (Johns Hopkins) “Oriented to David: Delacroix’s Paintings”
      • Maria Scott (Univ. College, Dublin) “Baudelaire’s ‘La Corde’ as Anamorphic Mystification”
    • 42 Cultural Memory (I) (Chair: Michèle Hannoosh)
      • Richard Hobbs (Bristol) “Inventing Cultural Memory”
      • Rebecca DeRoo (Washington, St. Louis) “Boltanski’s Critique of the Museum”
      • Kirsty Bell (Toronto) “Ars memoriae”
  • 11.00 – 12.30 SESSIONS 43-45
    • 43 Between Technics & Time (II) (Chair: Bernard Stiegler)
      • Laura Chiesa (California, Los Angeles) “Differential Orientability: Technics and Architecture”
      • James Tobias (California, Riverside) “Between Technics and Time: Disorientations of the Memoire Gauche”
      • Deborah Levitt (Southern California, Los Angeles) “Gesture as/is Image”
    • 44 Orientations/Disorientations (II) (Chair: Peter de Voogd)
      • Charles W. Haxthausen(Williams College) “Between Impressionism and Cubism”
      • Sakari Katajamäki (Helsinki) “Visual Nonsense – Disorienting the Reader”
    • 45 Cultural Memory (II) (Chair: Michèle Hannoosh)
      • Marijke Jonker (VU Amsterdam) “Poussin and the Cultural Memory of France”
      • Stephanie Moore Glaser (Indiana) “Gothic Architecture”
      • Ursula Reidel-Schrewe (Colby College) “The Burial Place of ‘Heimat'”

Orientations: Space/Time/Image/Word. Word & Image Interactions V

Editors: Claus Clüver, Véronique Plesch and Leo Hoek
Published by Editions Rodopi (Amsterdam/New York NY), 2005.


Charlotte SCHOELL-GLASS: “Introduction” xi-xvi

Pamela J. WARNER: “‘To Paint the Color of Things’: The Goncourt Brothers and the Pictoriality of History” 3-16
Lauren S. WEINGARDEN : “The Mirror as a Metaphor of Baudelairean Modernity” 17-36
Valentin NUSSBAUM : “À l’ombre des portraits en fleurs: Symbolisme et troubles de l’identitè de Whistler à Hitchcock” 37-50
Andrea GRUNERT : “L’Histoire transformée en légende: Andrzej Wajda et la Pologne idéalisée” 51-62

Marijke JONKER : “‘From Death and Despair to Hope’: Géricault, Poussin, and Cultural Memory in France” 65-76
Stephanie A. GLASER : “‘Deutsche Baukunst’, ‘Architecture Française’: The Use of the Gothic Cathedral in the Creation of National Memory in Nineteenth-Century Germany and France” 77-91
Nathalie ROELENS : “La Représentation de la barbarie en littérature, en peinture et au cinéma” 93-106

Étienne SAMAIN : “Les Risques du texte et de l’image: Autour de Balinese Character (1942), Gregory Bateson et Margaret Mead” 109-123
Rebecca J. DEROO : “Boltanski’s Display at the Documenta 5: Personal or Cultural Memory?” 125-139
Ursala REIDEL-SCHREWE : “The Burial Place of Heimat” 141-151

Christina LJUNGBERG : “Cartographic Strategies in Contemporary Fiction” 155-172
Susanne DÜCHTING : “The Interaction of Art and Cartography in the Work of Simon Patterson and Susanne Weirich” 173-182

Fumiko T. TOGASAKI : “Defiance from Within: Cosmopolitan ‘Innovators’ in Isolated Feudal Japan” 185-197
Regine RAPP : “Tango with Cows: Russian Futurist Book Art” 199-213
Véronique PLESCH : “From Image to Word: The Books of Lucie Lambert” 215-228
Claude DUÉE : “Là où le mot se fait image et où l’image se fait mot: Nouvelle bande dessinée et bande dessinée d’avant-garde” 229-243

Hans LUND : “Alma Mater’s New Face: From University Seals to University Logos” 247-261
Claus CLÜVER : “Mini-Icons: Letterforms, Logos, Logopoems” 263-285

Massimo LEONE : “On the QuincunX” 289-304
Carrie NOLAND : “Graffiti and the Reinvention of Space” 305-317
Alan PROHM : Resources for a Poetics of Visual Poetry” 319-335
James TOBIAS : “Gesture, Techniques, and Time: Disorientation at the Interface” 337-351