3rd International Conference, Ottawa 1993


Third International Conference On Word & Image

Carleton University, Ottawa, 15-21 August 1993



  • 9.00-9.15 Official welcome
  • 9.15-10.30 KEYNOTE ADDRESS
    Claus Clüver (Indiana): “On representation in concrete and semiotic poetry”
  • 11.00-12.30 SESSIONS 1
    • 1A: EKPHRASIS I (Chair: Peter de Voogd)
      • Bernard Vouilloux (Bordeaux): “Ekphrasisdescriptiovirtu visiva
      • Leo Hoek (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): “Portraits de peintres ou portrait de Proust. Analyse sémiotique de l’ekphrasis”
      • Grant F. Scott (Muehlenberg College): “Beyond its proper bound: Ekphrasis in the ‘Epistle to J.H. Reynolds'”
    • 1B: WALL PAINTINGS (Chair: Michael Bell)
      • Richard E. Philips (Savannah): “Text and claustral context as qualifiers of meaning for the mural cycle of the Dominican Cloister of Chimalhuacán, Mexico”
      • Veronica Plesch (Princeton): “Visual intertextuality & visual metatextuality in Giovanni Canavesio’s Passion Cycle at La Brigue”
      • Lisa Pon (Harvard): “Naming forefathers: the ancestors of Christ in the Sistine Chapel”
    • 1C: IMAGE AS ARGUMENT I (Chair: Eugenia Zimmerman)
      • Stephen M. Beall (Greensboro): “Art and letters in the Imagines of the Elder Philostratus”
      • Giselle de Nie (Utrecht): “Seeing and believing in the early middle ages: Miracle in Gregory of Tours & Venantius Fortunatus”
      • Kathleen Lundeen (W. Washington): “Immovable type: Textual sculpture in the Vietnam Veterans Wall and the Illuminations of Blake”
    • 1D: VISUAL RHETORIC I (Chair: Robert Seiler)
      • Joanne S. Norman (Bishop): “Verbal and visual rhetoric in the early French Renaissance: Illustrated rondeaux for Louis de Savoie”
      • Allessandra Galizzi (Univ. Catolica, Milan): “Franciscan wordplay in Renaissance annunciations”
      • Hans-Georg Ruprecht (Carleton): “The iconic rhetoric of Expressionism: Semiotic aspects of pictorial and verbal syllepsis”
  • 14.00-15.30 SESSIONS 2
    • 2A: EKPHRASIS II (Chair: Peter de Voogd)
      • Mario Klarer (Innsbruck): “The amalgamation of sign systems: Ekphrasis, pornography, and alchemical search”
      • Michael Vincent (Wichita State): “Between Ovid and Barthes: Ekphrasis, orality, textuality in Ovid’sArachne
      • Elizabeth B. Loizeaux (Maryland, College Park): “The art of resistance: Jack Yeats, W.B. Yeats and the Cuala Press Broadsides”
    • 2B: IMAGE & METAPHOR I (Chair: Ed F. Dyck)
      • John McMahon (Pennsylvania): “Visible virility: Image, metaphor, and the Genus Allium
      • Charles Forceville (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): “IBM is a tuning fork: Degrees of freedom in interpreting pictorial metaphors”
      • Charles Calder (Aberdeen): “Dumb significants in Henry V
    • 2C: IMAGE AS ARGUMENT II (Chair: Eugenia Zimmerman)
      • Nina Serebrennikov (Davidson College): “‘The ears are the only organ of a Christian’ – Martin Luther”
      • Francis-Noël Thomas (Truman College): “Image as argument: Vermeer’s Artist in his studio
      • Robert Seiler (Calgary): “Toward a rhetoric of the news-photo”
    • 2D: VISUAL RHETORIC II (Chair: Albert W. Halsall)
      • Friedrich Polleroß (Vienna): “‘Alexander redivivus’. L’identification avec les héros de l’histoire antique au portrait du 16e au 18e siècle”
      • Gabriele Rödter (Zürich): “Ordo naturalis & meditative structure in the devotional emblems of Herman Hugo’s Pia desideria (1642): A process of precise interpretation as response”
      • Virginia C. Raguin (Boston): “Text & image in Gothic & Gothic Revival stained glass: or, the past is not retrievable”
  • 16.00-17.30 SESSIONS 3
      • Ed F. Dyck (Red Deer College): “An experiment in the poetics and rhetoric of word & image”
      • Joseph Grigely (Gallaudet): “Paintings, labels, and textual space: Pollock’s Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist)
      • Roger J. Crum (Dayton): “‘Severing the neck of pride’: Donatello’s Judith and Holofernes and the inseperable dialogue of word and image in Renaissance politics”
    • 3B: IMAGE & METAPHOR II (Chair: Charles Calder)
      • Philippe Junod (Lausanne): “Du péché littéraire en peinture: origine et portée d’un débat”
      • Eric MacPhail (Indiana): “Narrative suspension: An interartistic metaphor in Don Quijote
    • 3C: ICONOCLASM / WORD & IMAGE SCANDAL (Chair: Julie LeBlanc)
      • Mary L. Hart (Seattle): “Reasoned nonsense: The liaison of word & image in Greek vase-painting”
      • Shinegi Inaga (Mie University): “Une oeuvre perdue de Gustave Courbet et sa position manqué dans l’histoire d’art”
    • 3D: VISUAL RHETORIC III (Chair: Hans-Georg Ruprecht)
      • Anne F. Harris (Chicago): “Word as image: Illiterate pilgrims before the Thomas Becket Windows at Canterbury Cathedral”
      • Victor A. Sorell (Chicago State): “Written in the eye of a needle: Subversive stitchery denounces a dictatorship (Arpillerasarpilleristas and the Pinochet dictatorship)”
      • Mirela Saim (McGill): “La rire, la parole, et l’image: la caricature politique et les aventures de la démocratie dans la première partie du XIXe siècle”


  • 9.00-10.30 SESSIONS 4
    • 4A: CARTOONS & COMIC STRIPS (Chair: Margaret Olin)
      • Peter R. Sattler (Chicago): “Comics and critics: Towards a generic history of the American comic strip”
      • Eric T. Haskell (Scripps College): “Fusing word and image: The case of the comic strip”
      • Lewis Dibble (Indiana): “Harry Wilmer’s drawings: Visual communication and violation of outline conventions”
    • 4B: CHINESE & JAPANESE INSCRIBED PAINTINGS (Chair: Fumiko T. Togasaki)
      • Ding Ning (Zhehjiang Academy): “Visual language and artistic mind”
      • Aiko Okamoto-MacPhail (Indiana): “Interacting signs in the Genji scrolls”
      • Mingfei Shi (Indiana): “Isomorphic structures in the work of later Chinese poet-painter-calligraphers”
    • 4C: VIDEO ART & INSTALLATIONS (Chair: Eric Vos)
      • Jürgen Müller (Amsterdam): “Video – or the intermedial state of the art”
      • Claude Lacroix (Ottawa): “Le photomontage: ‘entre voir et entendre'”
      • Angelika Festa (NYU): “Interfacing image & word: The construction of sacrifice in Adrian Piper’s video installation Cornered (1989-90)”
  • 11.00-12.30 SESSIONS 5
    • 5A: PHOTO NOVELS / STORIES WITH PHOTOS (Chair: Yves W.A. Clemmen)
      • Joanne Leonard (Ann Arbor): “Not losing her memory: Stories in photographs, words and collage”
      • Margaret Olin (Chicago): “‘Just keep it honest, honey’: A crisis of documentary media”
    • 5B: WORD AS IMAGE (Chair: David Scott)
      • Lewis Kachur (Kean College): “Word as image: Environment in Allan Kaprow’s Words (1962)”
      • Anne Rorimer (Chicago): “Lawrence Weiner: Words as image/image as words”
      • Stamos Metzidakis (Washington): “Visual signals in modern French poetry”
    • 5C: VIDEO ART & FILM (Chair: Jürger Müller)
      • Rita Severi (Verona): “‘Deux soeurs qui ne sont pas soeurs’. Film & Anglo-American literature 1910-1930”
      • Franco Ricci (Ottawa): “Morphing: Seamlessness as mainstream”
    • 5D: VISUAL POETRY I (Chair: Charlotte Schoell-Glass)
      • Michael Webster (Gr. Valley State): “Kurt Schwitters assembles poetry”
      • Richard Bradford (Coleraine): “The look of it: A study of English visual poetry”
      • Martin Heusser (Zürich): “Images in a word: e.e. cummings’ “t,h;r:u;s,h;e:s””
  • 14.00-15.30 SESSIONS 6
    • 6A ILLUMINATED MANUSCRIPTS (Chair: Joanne Norman)
      • Elizabeth C. Teviotdale (J.P. Getty Museum): “Latin verse inscriptions in Late Anglo-Saxon art”
      • Ben Withers (Chicago): “Unfulfilled promise: Illustration & rubrication of British Library Cotton Ms. Claudius B.iv”
    • 6B WORD & IMAGE IN MODERN CRITICAL THEORY I (Chair: Mark Cheetham)
      • Yves Clemmen (Illinois): “Richard Powers’ Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance: Photographic discourse and narrative authority”
      • Morton P. Levitt (Temple): “The body in the bay: Cézanne and Joyce”
      • Charles Vandersee (Virginia): “Image, texts, and ‘meaning’: Saint-Gaudens’ Monument at Rock Creek”
    • 6C: VISUAL POETRY II(Chair: Claus Clüver)
      • Charlotte Schoell-Glass (Hamburg): “Word and image in Ian Hamilton Finlay’s work”
      • Evgeny Steiner (Jerusalem): “Where word & image meet: Black Square (Culturological interpretation of Russian post-avantgarde visual poetry)”
      • Eduardo Kac (Chicago): “Holopoetry: Language metamorphosis and interactivity”
      • Marian Rothstein (Carthage College): “The re-use of narrative woodcuts in sixteenth-century fiction as a mode of Renaissance intertextuality”
      • Simone Vauthier (Strasbourg): “Fiction & image in Hugh Hood’s A New Athens
      • James J. Yoch (Oklahoma): “Illustrations as hypertexts for the plots of Ariosto, Tasso, and Guarini”
  • 16.00-17.30 SESSIONS 7
    • 7A: ILLUSTRATED BOOKS I (Chair: James J. Yoch)
      • Laura Willett (Toronto): “Conflation of word & image in some sixteenth-century issues of Monsters Illustrated
      • C.T. Walters (Bloomsburg): “From Godey’s to the Crayon Magazine: A study in word, image, and the evolution of the American gift book”
      • Anne T. Ciecko (Pittsburgh): “Problems of the illustrated book: George Bataille’s word/image anti-dialogue in The Tears of Eros
      • Mark A. Cheetham (West Ontario): “Creations of word & image: the Théoriste in the contemporary visual arts”
      • Tony Jappy (Perpignan): “Romantic fiction and the verbal analogues of still lifes”
      • David Carrier (Carnegie Mellon): “Interpreting non-narrative representational pictures”
    • 7C: PAINTINGS WITH WORDS / WORDS IN PAINTINGS (Chair: Michael Webster)
      • Alfred J. Acres (Oregon): “Moving words in the art of Rogier van der Weyden”
      • Jeffrey Weiss (National Gallery, Washington): “The Ma Jolie refrain”
      • Mireille Corbier (CNRS): “L’écriture dans l’image”
      • Timothy Dow Adams (West Virginia): “Word and image in N. Scott Momaday’s memoir The Names
      • Samuel Otter (Berkeley): “‘I but go skin deep’: Reading the racial body in Melville & Langsdorf”
      • Michael D. Garval (Vassar College): “Caricature and monument, or representing literary fame in nineteenth-century France: The case of Balzac and Nadar”


  • 10.30-13.00 SESSION 8
    • Cliff Edwards (Virginia Commonwealth): “The framing of word & image: Key to the life and work of Vincent van Gogh”
    • Olivier Asselin (Ottawa): “Modes du Ready-Made
    • Richard Shiff (Texas, Austin): “Verbalizing visual time: Barnett Newman as writer-painter”


  • 9.30-11.00 SESSIONS 9
      • Kathleen Burnett (Rutgers): “Is hypertext a feminist project?”
      • Karen A. Bearor (Florida State): “Interplay of text & image in James P. Boyd’s account of the ‘Ghost Dance’ in Recent Indian Wars (1891)”
    • 9B: ANTHROPOLOGY (Chair: David Carrier)
      • Gérard Bucher (Buffalo): “De l’image au symbole: le projet de thanatogenèse”
      • Paul Jobling (Staffordshire Poly): “A book of quotations: The meaning of urban culture in Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen’s photo-documentary Byker
      • Anne Allen (Columbia): “Space, boundary & society: The language of Samoan architecture”
      • Anne Bush (Florida State): “Visible language & the urban frame: Design and theory in contemporary Berlin”
      • Hans Lund (Lund): “From epigraph to iconic epigram. The interaction between the building and its inscription in the modern urban context”
    • 9D: 19TH-20TH CENTURY POETRY & PAINTING I (Chair: Deirdre A. Reynolds)
      • Marla H. Hand (Loyola): “Schwabe’s visions of spleen and ideal for Baudelaire’s Fleurs du mal
      • Terry L. Rickoff (South Florida): “Analysis of ‘Proserpine’ and ‘Astarte Syriaca‘ as examples of Rossetti’s sonnet/painting pairs”
      • Deirdre Reynolds (Bristol): “Imagination and semiotic transitions in painting and poetry”
  • 11.30-13.00 SESSIONS 10
    • 10A: GENDER/RACE/CLASS REPRESENTATION II (Chair: Penelope Mason)
      • Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe (Pasadena): “‘Moist attraction’: Observations on an advertisement which appeared in Vogue, May 1992″
      • Penelope Mason (Florida State): “The Japanese use of the Samurai tradition in interpreting the experience of World War II”
    • 10B: IDEOGRAMS (Chair: A. Kibédi Varga
      • Kathryn Porter Aichele (Greensboro): “Paul Klee’s pictorial elegy to Guillaume Apollinaire”
      • Hugo Caviola (Ftan): “The interface and fusion of word & image in contemporary literature: Peter Handke’s aesthetics of a ‘Ding-Bild-Schrift
    • 10C: ARCHITECTURE/GARDENS/DESIGN II (Chair: Lauren Weingarden)
      • William Thompson (Memphis State): “A tour of ‘La Tour’: A textual guide to the Eiffel Tower”
      • Else Jongeneel (Groningen): “Une architecture de textes et d’images: La basilique de Saint-Marc à Venise”
    • 10D: 19TH-20TH CENTURY POETRY & PAINTING II (Chair: Lenora Moffa)
      • Joseph A. Dupras (Fairbanks): “Browning’s ‘My Last Duchess’: Paragon & parergon”
      • Gail C. Holian & Eric A. Wurmser (Georgian Court College): “Textual & visual arcana: Pound’s SealCantos and the Tarot”
      • Lenora Moffa (Dallas): “Whistler and Baudelaire: A technique of mutability”
  • 14.30-16.00 SESSIONS 11
    • 11A: MEANINGS: VERBAL & VISUAL (Chair: Lauren Weingarden)
      • Lisa Lipinski (Illinois): “When the trees of language are shaken by rhizomes: A Deleuzian critique of René Magritte’s ‘Les mots et les images'”
      • Aron Kibédi Varga (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): “L’image pensée”
      • Lauren Weingarden (Florida State): “The place of art historiographic iconography in Word & Image studies”
      • Martine Sauret (West Michigan): “Les torsions visuelles dans Gargantua
      • Peter Schwenger (Mount St. Vincent): “Prospero’s Books and the visionary page”
      • Fumiko T. Togasaki (Wittenberg): “The assertion of heterodoxy in Kyo-den’s verbal-visual art”
    • 11C: 19TH-20TH CENTURY POETRY & PAINTING III (Chair: Deirdre A. Reynolds)
      • Terence Diggory (Skidmore College): “Text in Abstract Expressionism: Hartigan’s prints for poems”
      • Paul Bauschatz (Maine): “Language, rhyme, and space”
  • 16.30-18.00 SESSIONS 12
    • 12A: IMAGE AS NARRATIVE (Chair: Albert W. Halsall)
      • Ross Scaife (Kentucky): “The Kypria, a lost Greek epic as illustrated in Greek vase-painting”
      • Barbara Wright (Trinity College Dublin): “Landscape into narration: The example of Fromentin”
      • Héliane Ventura (Strasbourg): “Alice Munro’s ‘Boys and Girls’: Mapping out boundaries from spatial process to linear mise en abyme
    • 12B: ILLUSTRATED BOOKS II (Chair: Nina Serebrennikov)
      • Philippe Kaenel (Lausanne): “L’illustration marginale: les différentes versions des Voyages et aventures du Docteur Festus de Rodolphe Töpffer”
      • E. Jackson (San Diego State): “From visionary presence to conception: The origins of Michaux’sMeidosems
      • Michèle Hannoosh (California, Davis): “Fragmentation and the aesthetic of the dictionary: Delacroix’sDictionnaire des Beaux-Arts


  • 9.00-10.30 SESSIONS 13
    • 13A: GEOGRAPHY / CARTOGRAPHY (Chair: Anne-Maire Christin)
      • Jean D’Amato (NW State, Louisiana): “Words & images in the archaeology of the Phlegraean Fields, Naples (Italy)”
      • Françoise Divorne (Versailles): “Le paysage dans le texte de Perceval ou le conte du Graal de Chrétien de Troyes et le paysage dans le manuscrit 12577 (B.N.) illustrant de Perceval
      • Catherine Bédard (Paris): “Notes sur deux Saint Georges vénitiens (Carpaccio et Giorgione): Territoire et paysage de l’histoire”
      • Barbara E. Lacey (St. Joseph’s College): “The congregationalist’s ABCs: the alphabet blocks in The New England Primer
      • Joseph Stanton (Hawaii): “Picture-book remembrances of seasons lost”
      • Mary Stewart (Syracuse): “Bridging the gap between verbal & visual education”
    • 13C: SCIENCE & PERCEPTION I (Chair: Elizabeth Bredberg)
      • Deirdre M. Monk (Lycoming College): “Conflict or confluence: The relationship of textual and pictorial language in photographic messaging through associative response”
      • Clara Orban (DePaul) & E. Weisenberg: “Words from images: The process of reading slides in pathology”
      • Harold J. McWhinnie (Maryland): “Some relationships between aesthetic preference and response time”
    • 13D: SEMIOTICS & BEYOND I (Chair: David Scott)
      • Carole Guthrie (Monson): “Word & image: Barbara Kruger’s postmodernist art”
      • Monique Moser-Verrey (Laval): “Images du corps et communication non-verbale dans le texte”
      • Anne Marie Barry (Boston College): “Revisioning the conflict to mathematical versus perceptual logic: Poe’s ratiocinative tales”
  • 11.00-12.30 SESSIONS 14
    • 14A: WRITINGS/PICTURES (Chair: A. Kibédi Varga)
      • Michael J. Preston (Colorado): “The popular hieroglyphic tradition in 18th century England: Broadsides, chapbooks & the hieroglyphical letter-writer”
      • Isao Uemichi (Aichi): “Image and word in Japanese culture”
      • Elizabeth Bredberg (OISE, Toronto): “Works by deaf artists: Clues to the relation of spoken language to visual image”
      • Michael Rodda (Alberta): “Sign languages of deaf people”
    • 14C: SCIENCE & PERCEPTION II (Chair: Charles Calder)
      • Shelley Quinn (Memorial): “J.V. Foix: Surrealist communication – holographic representation”
      • Sally Yeates Sedelow (Arkansas): “A word among words”
      • Walter A. Sedelow jr. (Arkansas): “Knowledge representation by word & image”
    • 14D: SEMIOTICS & BEYOND II (Chair: Eric T. Haskell)
      • David Scott (Trinity College Dublin): “Semiotics & Ideology in mixed messages: The postage stamp”
      • Julie LeBlanc (Carleton): “Les systèmes signifiants picturaux et verbaux dans les oeuvres de Claude Simon et de Hubert Aquin: iconicité, narrativité et intertextualité
      • Eric Vos (Amsterdam): “Visual literature versus/or/and/as/through semiotic convention”
  • 14.00-15.30 SESSIONS 15
    • 15A: EKPHRASIS AND FICTIONAL SPACE (Chair: Iain Davidson)
      • C.E. Preston (Cambridge): “Pictures of Arcadia
      • Pierre Demarolle (Nancy): “Mots et images, écriture et espaces dans un roman français du XVe siècle”
    • 15B: VERBAL/VISUAL RHETORIC (Chair: Peter de Voogd)
      • Lori Rowlett (Southern Methodist): “The uses of violence: A Foucauldian Reading of the ancient Assyrian palace reliefs”
      • Marie-France Wagner (Concordia): “Pictura et imago de l’écu de Persée et d’Athéna”
      • Victor Kennedy & John Kennedy: “Realism as a basis for reinterpretation in visual metaphor”
    • 15C: SEMIOTICS & BEYOND III (Chair: Barbara Wright)
      • Francis Edeline (Liège): “Le poème sémiotique”
      • Linda Duvall (Michigan): “Words & images in birth announcements and obituaries”
      • Anne-Marie Christin (Paris VII): “Ecriture et iconicité”


The Pictured Word. Word & Image Interactions 2

Editors: Martin Heusser, Claus Clüver, Leo Hoek, Lauren Weingarden
Published by Editions Rodopi (Amsterdam/Atlanta), 1998.


Claus Clüver: “On Representation in Concrete and Semiotic Poetry” 13-41
Aron Kibédi Varga: “L’image pensée” 43-48
Lauren Weingarden: “Art Historical Iconography in Word & Image Studies: Manet’s A Bar at the Folies-Bergère and the Naturalist Novel” 49-63

Giselle de Nie: “Seeing and Believing in the Early Middle Ages: A Preliminary Investigation” 67-76
Else Jongeneel: “La bible d’images de Saint-Marc à Venise” 77-89
Pierre Demarolle: “Mots et images, écriture et espaces dans un roman français du XVe siècle” 91-97
Marian Rothstein: “The Commemorative Images of Amadis de Gaule” 99-107
Kathryn Porter Aichele: “Paul Klee’s Composition with Windows: An Homage and an Elegy” 109-120

Deirdre Reynolds: “Imagination and Semiotic Interactions in Painting and Poetry” 123-133
Eric Vos: “Visual Literature and Semiotic Conventions” 135-147
Francis Edeline: “L’espace-temps dans la poésie sémiotique” 149-167
Eduardo Kac: “Holopoetry and Hyperpoetry” 169-179

Michael Garval: “The Rise and Fall of the Literary Monument in Post-Revolutionary France” 183-199
Charles Vandersee: “Contesting ‘Meaning’ in the Late 19th Century: A Site of American Art, Autobiography, and Ambition” 210-210
Charlotte Schoell-Glass: “The Medium is the Message: Ian Hamilton Finlay’s Garden Little Sparta” 211-230

Mirela Saim: “‘Faire comprendre au peuple’: Représentation caricaturale et éloquence démocratique dans la culture politique française de 1848” 233-243
Eric T. Haskell: “Fusing Word and Image: The Case of the Cartoon Book, Wilde, and Shelton” 245-254

Mingfei Shi: “‘The Three Perfections’: Isomorphic Structures in the Work of Late Chinese Poet-Calligrapher-Painters” 257-271
Aiko Okamoto-MacPhail: “Interacting Signs in the Genji Scrolls” 273-285
Fumiko T. Togasaki: “The Assertion of Heterodoxy in Kyoden’s Verbal-Visual Texts” 287-298

David Scott: “Semiotics and Ideology in Mixed Messages: The Postage Stamp” 301-313
Lewis Dibble: “Harry Wilmer’s Drawings: Visual Communication and Violation of Outline Conventions” 314-326
Hans Lund: “From Epigraph to Iconic Epigram: The Interaction Between Buildings and their Inscriptions in the Urban Space” 327-335
Monique Moser-Verrey: “Images du corps et communication non verbale dans l’écriture de Franz Kafka” 337-346
Jürgen E. Müller: “Video – or the Intermedial State of the Art” 347-356