10th conference of the IASS-AIS

Date: September 22 – 26, 2009
Venue: La Coruna (Spain)

Session on “Gestuality : praxis and semiosis” (Dominique Ducard & Nathalie Roelens)
Gestuality is first in the symbolic activity of human being. The genetic hypothesis of a gestual origin of language has been explicated in certain theories of the evolution of language, while psychological research on interhuman communication puts the stress on the coactivation of gesture and spoken word and claims that gestual activity is an integral part of the process of representation and elaboration of verbalised thought. The process of symbolisation finds so its anchorage in the bodily experience, according to the notion of embodied cognition (Varela et alii), and more especially embodied action.
We plan to centre this thematic session on the notions of praxis and semiosis, marking an extension in following directions, and postulating a sense relation – invariable in its fundament but exposed to cultural variants in its manifestations – between effectuation, representation and figuration of gesture:
1. Gestures, speech and languages;
2. Gestures and intercultural communication;
3. Gestures and techniques;
4. Gestures and rituals;
5. Gestures and arts.